Mknives Nakiri

“Nakiri” is a Japanese word which means “vegetable knife or knife to cut greens.” It has a very easy to use shape which allows you to cut your vegetables in all pieces and slices. The blunt tip of the knife also makes it a lot safer to use in your kitchen without the loss of all of  its qualities.  The Nakiri has a straight blade, edge, and spine which represents the biggest difference between this knife and the Santoku. In comparison to the Western style knives with which you use the rocking style, you use a push cut movement, so down forward, while keeping the edge parallel to the cutting board.  If you are a foodie or vegetarian, you will simply adore this knife. As a result of its special shape, cutting vegetables or fruits for your salads have never been easier. 

Most of the knives are build with a full tang handle construction but it is also possible to customise your knife to get a stick tang handle or witch other finisch you would like.