Let's Make Your Knife !


Would you like to know how Mknives started?

When I was young I had a passion for all sorts of weapons such as swords, guns, bows, … Together with my little brother we went to the woods and made these weapons out of all the things we could find lying around and afterwards we would play with it for hours. Of course my parents didn’t really like us playing with these weapons as they thought it was too dangerous and that we would hurt ourselves and others.

However, this didn’t end my passion. So when I started studying mechanics and that’s is where I learned how to make all sorts of things out of metal. This is when I started reading more about how to make knives.

The first knife I made was out of a file, and I really enjoyed making it. After searching on the Internet I found that the Japanese style of making kitchen knives was very interesting and that I wanted to create a knife like it.

Birth of Mknives.

When I showed my family and friends the knife that I made, they were very interested and wanted one for their own.

That is when Mknives was born. I started taking orders from people that I knew and made knives as they wanted them. After a while I went to several shops to show my design and I started working together with them.

My goal is to create a beautiful and useful knife together with the customer.

Let’s Make Your Knife !